Characteristics of Wood

There are many species of wood. At Kitchen & Bath Design Group we offer any species of wood desired by customer but we recommend four of today’s most popular species available in the cabinet industry: oak, maple, cherry and Alder. Wood cabinetry has a unique character all its own. Each piece of wood is entirely unique – just as no two trees are exactly alike.

From light to dark finished, The finest hardwoods have certain natural characteristics that cannot be hidden with a finishing process. These characteristics are apparent and are not to be misinterpreted as defects. Wood is a product of nature and as such will display natural characteristics and variances that are unique to each and every cut. These characteristics are an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood – no two pieces are alike. It is important to understand the natural color characteristics and variations of wood to make sure you’re selecting a wood that will be the perfect fit for your home.


Cherry’s smooth, tight grain, rich color, and stability have won high favor for use in kitchen cabinetry. Cherry ranges in color from white to deep red-brown. It is exceptionally stable & unsurpassed in its finishing qualities. Cherry’s color deepens, mellows, with age due to its unique photosensitivity.


Maple is a strong, evenly textured wood with a natural luster. While it is very uniform, you will notice random mineral streaks, worm tracks, or birds-eye patterns. The grain is primarily straight, but can be wavy at times. Maple is a closed-grain wood that sands to a very smooth finish. As it ages, maple will take on a golden hue. Due to the density and hardness of maple, natural expansion and contraction may be more apparent at joints than with softer hardwoods.


Alder is characterized by its straight grain and even texture. Its reddish brown color often looks similar to Cherry. While Alder is often used to mimic Cherry, its rich tone is beautiful. And certainly warrants use for its own distinct qualities.

White Oak

White Oak is strong, warm, and open-grained. Because of oak’s open grain it has a semi-smooth feel after it has been finished. Oak stains easily and evenly with a pronounced grain. Some color variation from reddish-tan to medium brown is possible in its natural state. Occasional pin knots and mineral streaks are also characteristic of oak.


MDF doors are Produced using a high quality 3/4” MDF“ Medium Density Fiberboard” After door preparation, the MDF is painted with two layer of top primer then final top coat of lacquer base paint applied as final color.